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May 26, 2011

Off the Trail: Hong Kong - KFC Portugese Egg Tarts! - Item Feature & Edmonton Bonus

Fast food... mmm I'll admit, this might not exactly be the height of fine dining over here in Hong Kong BUT it definitely is tasty! (This next blog post is going to be a fair bit shorter than a full review -- just a little item feature I wanted to share!)

When I first arrived at the airport in Hong Kong, I started gathering a list of all the nooks and crannies I wanted to go to and all the little food stories I wanted to tell -- I thought I had it all figured out! Silly me, it only took a day before it became painfully obvious that I was completely naive of WHERE and WHAT to eat in HK. In my defense, the culture climate here changes at least once every few months so it's hard to stay up to date on everything! Either way, the latest and greatest item I have for you comes straight from across one ocean, a couple continents and one very popular fast-food chain:  KFC.

Oh ho, be warned, these are not your standard Chinese egg tarts. These tasty treats hail the same core egg tart from their ancestors that you know and love, and get... Portuguese-ed? Seriously, I have no idea why they're called Portuguese egg tarts (thank you, Wikipedia) but what I DO know is that they are coated with a layer of caramelized sugar and pack a serious punch (..in flavour, of course!)

First, let me take you on a journey: start with the simple, un-assuming egg tart. Good, right? Ah yes, but not great. In Act Two of this Shakespearean drama, the humble egg tart meets the creme brulee and in a wild fit of teenage romance, middle English, and run-on sentences, ye little egg tart runs away from home and is married up in a crazy concoction of tart-brulee madness! Now, with that rather tasty image in mind, imagine eating said egg tart! Mmmm, if that doesn't get your mouth watering... yeah sorry... that's just too bad. I tried? Points for effort/humour/drama/whatever-you-thought-my-anecdote-was-supposed-to-be?

In all fairness though, the custard quality of these tarts is tantalizingly good and definitely a little specialty to be had here in Hong Kong. But what does that mean for my friends, the readers and (or) viewers, back in Edmonton? You didn't think I would just leave you there high and dry with only a scrumptious word picture and no food, would I? Come on, I'm a blogger, not a monster (gosh!) YOU, my friend, can also partake in this tasty little adventure for just $1.29 (or thereabouts)! Call 1-800-ME-HUNGRY ...or just visit T&T Superstore -- they sell them in the back by the ready-to-eat foods =).

Warning: Subsequent flights to Asia, feelings of mouthful bliss and a sudden strong desire to become Asian not included in $1.29 pricetag.


  1. i bet i can pack more punch than these babies.

  2. bahahha you would, Jen, you would ;)


  3. Whoops, my bad! Actually the second comment >_< urbanspoon auto-commented on my first post (it was marked as spam and I didn't notice lol) but I don't think that actually counts? =P I'm still calling you the first =D