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June 29, 2011

Down in the Town: Bubble Buzz! New on Jasper!

Bubble Tea! BBT! Bubs! ...Bubble T? ...B to the T? ...that tasty Asian drink with the bubbles? =P

Whatever you call it, have you ever had that feeling... that you've just been craving bubble tea downtown but all the good spots are too far (Dream Tea, etc.)? That unquenchable thirst for the bubbles (now I just sound like an Aero ad..) or maybe you're looking for a new hangout on Jasper? Well, never fear, I've got you covered! 

Just open this Monday (!), there's a new bubble tea place in town and it's called... Bubble Buzz! Yeah, okay, maybe the name isn't so creative but this nifty spot on Jasper and 104th has definitely got some of the tastiest bubbles in town! They're fresh - nice, sweet and soft - and with a shot of Bubble Milk (Bubble Tea & Milk), go down like a charm. Pretty good!

Bubble Buzz also serves Hong Kong Style Milk Tea, Vietnamese Iced Coffee, and waffles! So if you're in the area (or not!), come down and give it a try!  (PS I think the honeydew is delishhh if you don't know what to get)!
Bubble Buzz... on Urbanspoon

June 26, 2011

Down in the Town: Niche

Tucked away along Jasper and 110 st., Niche (like Corso 32) shies away from the busier Jasper traffic (and the public eye!) amidst all the low-rise buildings and stores that litter Jasper's street level. I was ducking in to avoid the torrid Edmonton rain that’s been pelting us over the past week when I was surprised to see such a richly adorned interior: dimly lit and cozy to be sure! Despite being a rather small restaurant with only a handful of seats, Niche’s design is undeniably modern, with small wooden tables that can be coupled together for a larger flat top or broken off into separate 2 seaters (plus a new patio)!

One of the first things you'll notice about Niche is the simplicity of the menu which lends itself well to a small restaurant. Rather than overextending himself, what Chef Nathan Saurette has decided to do is limit the menu to 4 core entrees (beef, duck, pork, fish) for dinner and a similar style for sandwiches at lunch. I do use the word “limit” very loosely; however, what I mean is that he perfected 4 dishes!
Overall Score:
Niche on Urbanspoon
What’s IN (Lunch):
Cubano – some very interesting flavours that just come together!

June 24, 2011

In the Town: What the Truck?! - Good Food, Rocking Beats, Why Not!

It is an absolutely gorgeous sunny day outside and I can't possibly think of a reason why you would not want to come out and down to the What the Truck event (today) on this lovely Friday evening! Featuring a variety of food trucks from all around the capital region, there's plenty of variety (eats AND beats) to choose from: waffles and mini donuts to pulled pork, even Asian cuisine! All you need is your game face and a lot of room in your stomach - that's it!

Best of all, admission is free! So whether you be a poor starving university student or just someone hanging around downtown, all you have to do is RSVP on Facebook, bring your eating hat and join us for some fun! I hope to see you all out there!

June 22, 2011

Deep Fried Kool Aid!? Say What!

From the people who brought you deep-fried Snickers bars and coming to a carnival near you, this year’s wackiest item (so far!) is definitely going to be Deep Fried Kool Aid. That’s right, deep fried KOOL AID. Sound crazy much? Well, apparently not! It’s already receiving positive reviews in the States where it was developed and tested and from what I hear, as weird as it sounds, it’s good. This wild invention is basically just Kool Aid & flour but it’s crazy enough to become the next sensation this year so buckle your seatbelts and hold on tight.

Here, watch the YouTube video for yourself and YOU decide but heck, it’s crazy, it’s wild, but it sure looks tasty!

If you’re the adventurous type, you can also check out the recipe here and even try making a batch for yourself! Good luck! (Food Matters takes no responsibility for any injuries sustained while making delicious balls of fun. Oh and.. playing with hot oil is not recommended for young children =P) Cheers!

June 21, 2011

The McRib Returns! - Item Feature: McDonald's

With KFC returning its Double Down sandwich to service following popular demand, McDonald's was quick to respond and bring back an old favourite, the McRib starting June 21st (today)! In recent months, McDonald's really has moved towards bigger and better things, having just revamped their line of specialty burgers by introducing the ever-so-tasty Angus Third Pounders; these bad boys pack quite the punch in their own right! But.. that's another story altogether, today it's all about the McRib!

June 19, 2011

Out and About: Red Ox Inn

After a stellar performance at Indulgence 2011 (pork shoulder on risotto cake!), I was enticed to pay a visit to Red Ox Inn for a chance to try out their regular menu offerings and boy, it did not disappoint! Unfortunately though, on the date of my visit, the chef wasn't in to speak to me, but I did get a chance to have a chat with the sous-chef, Brian, after my meal!

  Feature Interview with the Sous-Chef!

Are there any messages you want to convey through your food to your patrons?
  "Good food doesn't have to be complicated!" [We] get a lot of produce locally and around the Edmonton area whenever possible.
In a couple words, describe what makes your restaurant, Red Ox Inn, special? 
  Intimate setting and honest good food.
Do you personally have a favourite dish to share with our readers? 
  The duck! ..though the lamb does come in a close second!

Overall Score:
 Red Ox Inn on Urbanspoon
What's IN: Lamb 
(it was a race to the finish against the pork and the two desserts though!)

June 18, 2011

Out in the RAIN... (and In the Town): City Market

If you're not too busy out and about today (and you don't mind the rain! Gosh, it's pouring out!), I highly encourage you guys to check out the Farmer's/City Market downtown for some fresh produce and local crafted products! There's a huge selection of high quality products and if you're in the area (Jasper & 104th), make sure to drop by for a quick walkthough!

June 16, 2011

Indulgence 2011 Tidbits and Munchies!

Another year has come and gone, and once again, Slow Food Edmonton has brought us a simply sumptuous Indulgence 2011. Boasting a very impressive roster including the likes of Red Ox Inn, Niche, The Marc to name a few, let's go and see what all the fuss is about!

June 14, 2011

Off the Trail: Hong Kong - Ruth's Chris Steakhouse!

Whenever I think about eating in Hong Kong, fond memories come to mind: dim sum, 30%+ off Japanese sushi, and Chinese BBQ to name a few. But I'll be honest, one thing rarely crosses my mind: steak. Now, you might wonder why anyone in my position would travel elsewhere for steak when such things as triple A beef run free in our backyard, and... I would agree with you. I love steak and Alberta beef is a beautiful thing.

That said, however, when someone invites me to try something new, I'm definitely not going to turn them down and it was one warm summer evening that I found myself standing outside Ruth's Chris - Hong Kong. Mmm!

Now a couple things make me wonder: how is steak in Hong Kong? Moreover, how does the steak compare to Canada? Is it going to be imported? (Yes, from Australia.) Local? How does the same chain, in this case, Ruth's Chris (!), compare? Well, let's go find out!

Overall Score (This blogger's opinion): 60/100
What's IN: Rib-Eye Steak


And after a semi-long hiatus (I'm sorry!), we have returned!

Thank you all for waiting and your patience! There will be a burst of updates now that I have internet again =)

PS thanks to all who showed up at Indulgence yesterday! It was great (stay tuned for a blog about that one)

June 01, 2011


BRB. (be right back) Just kidding. But not really =( unfortunately, friends, I have been and will be stuck without internet for the past few days and for the next few conceivable days (or more). I will be back with more food tales as soon as possible though -- maybe even a shady internet cafe if time permits! Hang tight!