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June 21, 2011

The McRib Returns! - Item Feature: McDonald's

With KFC returning its Double Down sandwich to service following popular demand, McDonald's was quick to respond and bring back an old favourite, the McRib starting June 21st (today)! In recent months, McDonald's really has moved towards bigger and better things, having just revamped their line of specialty burgers by introducing the ever-so-tasty Angus Third Pounders; these bad boys pack quite the punch in their own right! But.. that's another story altogether, today it's all about the McRib!

Now the McRib sandwich seems pretty simple on paper: barbecue sauce, boneless pork patty, onions, and pickles all sandwiched between the two halves of a six inch roll but combined together, it becomes so much more than just that... the sandwich comes alive. The barbecue sauce infuses the sandwich with a deliciously sweet tang while the onions give it a nice satisfying crunch. While I can't comment on whether the McRib would have benefited with grilled onions versus the raw slices, it was still pretty darn good. As for the boneless pork patty, McDonald's assures us that it is in fact real pork meat - likely ground and processed/squished into a rib-esque form but I'm not complaining; in fact, the patty actually does taste quite meaty and gives the sandwich the 'oomph' that it needs.

Available (for a limited time??) at your nearest McDonald's, all that I have left to say is,
McRib... welcome back.

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