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June 29, 2011

Down in the Town: Bubble Buzz! New on Jasper!

Bubble Tea! BBT! Bubs! ...Bubble T? ...B to the T? ...that tasty Asian drink with the bubbles? =P

Whatever you call it, have you ever had that feeling... that you've just been craving bubble tea downtown but all the good spots are too far (Dream Tea, etc.)? That unquenchable thirst for the bubbles (now I just sound like an Aero ad..) or maybe you're looking for a new hangout on Jasper? Well, never fear, I've got you covered! 

Just open this Monday (!), there's a new bubble tea place in town and it's called... Bubble Buzz! Yeah, okay, maybe the name isn't so creative but this nifty spot on Jasper and 104th has definitely got some of the tastiest bubbles in town! They're fresh - nice, sweet and soft - and with a shot of Bubble Milk (Bubble Tea & Milk), go down like a charm. Pretty good!

Bubble Buzz also serves Hong Kong Style Milk Tea, Vietnamese Iced Coffee, and waffles! So if you're in the area (or not!), come down and give it a try!  (PS I think the honeydew is delishhh if you don't know what to get)!
Bubble Buzz... on Urbanspoon


  1. Cool! I checked out bubble buzz a few days ago too but they put too much ice in mine =( and it ended up being a bit watery! Got the mango bubble milk, maybe next time?

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