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July 15, 2011

Off the Trail: Dining Street - London Heathrow Terminal 4!

Have you ever thought that airplane food was a little bland? Stale? Old? Whatever the adjective, join the club -- and as I was stepping off a marathon flight to London one chilly (and rainy!) afternoon, that was the dismally hungry state I found myself in! Needless to say... when a man's gotta eat, a man's gotta eat! Time to find some munchies

After a quick scout around my terminal, one thing became increasingly clear: there isn't much choice -- you'll find one restaurant here and there, but basically the only viable option to eat here IS Dining Street (yes, that is the name of a restaurant...) so good, bad, or anywhere in between, if you're starving for food, well, good luck! That isn't to say that Dining Street is bad, no, I would say it's right around average. Advertising "Crispy British Bacon" and "Mature English Cheddar" on their burger, I would hardly say that this showcases the pride of London's food - for that, Fish and Chips with some ale will do the trick! No, it was like any other burger you've had, beefy and ... burger-y. Nothing special but I did like the fact that they dusted the burger bun with flour first so you wouldn't get your fingers dirty - good touch. The fries were crispy and hot but also very airy; it felt like I was eating fried mashed potatoes (like..dislike, you make the call)! Some housekeeping details as well: at the airport, they accept US, Sterling, Pounds, Euro, all major credit cards BUT the cost of this meal rang almost 15 pounds = 20 Euro = 30 CND... you tell me but next time, I think I'll just sit tight and wait for my connection!

The Verdict: 65/100

Tip: A good way to know if you're in Europe is when the wine is cheaper than the water =)


  1. no comments on the service? haha.

  2. Not recommended for speed, that's for sure.. the service was pretty apathetic and slow for the most part =( nearly made me miss my flight haha