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July 01, 2011

In the Town: What the Truck! Summary Recap!

It's Friday, Friday... Gonna get down on Friday... Ah, man, I love Fridays! Short work days, long summer evenings, and even better, last Friday managed to breathe some fresh life back into Edmonton's downtown scene! For those of you who were able to attend, What the Truck! was a food extravaganza packed to the brim with food trucks, DJ beats, good company, and warm weather galore! What could be better!? ...Well, okay okay, I might have exaggerated a little bit on that last one about the weather -- it definitely started showering near the end of the evening - but either way, it was definitely still a great night for mingling and all around good eats!

With the DJ spinning up some music to go along with the tasty treats, the square was bustling with life and a great place to be hosting a variety of food trucks from all around the city. The selection was superb - there was something for everybody - freshly squeezed lemonade if you're thirsty, fresh waffles and treats for the hungry and Filistix buns for the famished! And that's just the tip of the iceberg, there were so many more to taste and eat!

Personally, my favourites of the evening were the waffles at Eva Sweet. Although I thought the available toppings just added a lot of sugar to something that was already great, the shot of whipped cream on top was just the thing the waffles needed! It helped bring out the true sweetness of the waffle dough and impregnated the waffle with a moist creamy flavour. Perfect! As for some of the other highlights, I had a fantastic pulled beef bun at Filistix - sweet, tangy and filling! It was great and had the right oomph to the sandwich. All in all, great job guys! Hope to see you again!

Beautiful Day to be Out on the Town!


  1. Sigh... Why am I never informed of these things? Thanks dude... Maybe you should embed a food events calendar in your blog for Edmonton hey?

  2. That's actually a great idea, thanks! Unfortunately, still backlogged with all the restaurants around town to review though =S gotta get all the requests covered first but I'll work on something like that asap!