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July 11, 2011

Down in the Town: Niche - UPDATE! New Menu!

So some of you might remember my post on Niche not too long ago... and I agree, it is far too early to do a second review considering I still haven't even explored a fraction of Edmonton's tasty restaurants yet! I do have a long way to go... BUT one thing perhaps more important than providing all of you with new information is making sure that same information is ACCURATE. And to stay accurate, it must be up-to-date! So with that, I present... Niche! ...Version 2.0. Yes, to my surprise today, Niche was once again making headlines, figuratively of course, with a new summer menu! Apparently, I was the first one to try the new menu (so I just had to share that experience with all of you!) and personally, I think it may still need a *little* perfecting. Make no mistake, everything is still as tasty as ever but with the fresh ingredients, more variety and more colourful (literally) dishes, Niche just has some more tweaking to do!

Niche on Urbanspoon

Take a look at the pictures below! Gone are the old beef cheeks and such, and replacing it is a smoked tuna spinach/chickpeas salad (splendid vinaigrette!), pork tenderloin served on a bed of coucous, the always amazing duck confit (delish and now served on a vegetable hash plus fingerling potatoes!), and a bison striploin (amongst more)! With a little work, this is going to shape up to be a beautiful summer for foodies everywhere! Keep in mind that Fork Fest is coming up ($25-45 multi-course dinners) - stay tuned for my next post! 

Dinner at Niche - 
New Ingredients, More Dishes, More Awesome.

Dessert Classics! - 
Salted Caramel Brownie and Bread Pudding!

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