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July 26, 2011

The New York Chronicles (NYC): Famous Famiglia Pizzeria!

Sometimes great food doesn't have to be complicated. And sometimes you just want a quick bite to eat or you might only have minutes before a Broadway musical -- you can't afford to wait in a long line or sit down at a restaurant! BUT at the same time, you want good food. Can all of these really coexist happily? Thankfully, with the advent of fast food and commercialism, the answer has arrived: It's easy to find a chain restaurant (large or small) or a simple joint around the corner! However, for some, the thought of reheated food and the feeling of herded cattle pushed through the store as quickly as possible are a steep trade-off! And I don't blame them. Is good food in a fast and homely setting that much to ask?

I walk in Famous Famiglia Pizzeria to find out! Just before, I had mosied through Times Square and it was getting pretty late in the evening; all I wanted was some soul food on the way home and Famiglia delivered big time!

"Is good food in a fast and homely setting that much to ask?"

Famous Famiglia Pizzeria on Urbanspoon
What's IN: Calzones! 
(I had the sausage one specifically but they're all so good!)

Now, when I think of New York food, pizza... burgers...mmm basically all those heart-stopping (literally...) but oh-so-tasty creations only found in the comfort of a pool of greasy happiness come to mind! **I do understand that this is an enormous generalization and some of my food reviews will contain fine dining (I promise!) but for today, pizza was just the thing I was looking for. And boy did it hit the spot! 

As if to say "eat me, eat me!", I readily complied.

The Sausage Calzone at Famiglia Pizzeria was dead on: Boasting a meaty sausage interior and cheese melting down the sides of your mouth, the calzone was virtually goading you on to take bite after bite! And all of that crammed into a beautiful baked pastry shell, I wolfed mine down in a heartbeat and loved it! Dear New York, I know we just met but I think we're off to something beautiful together. Honestly, what I have to say can be summed up pretty easily: More, please.

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